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Chat Botté Costuming Workshop

The art of the master tailor and the ‘’made to measure’’


- In the ‘’Chat Botté’’ workshop we work in order to give sense to the expression ‘’have a well cut suit’’, a privilege of earlier times ; the art of a perfectly masterized cut and of carefully hand-finishes is our main concern.

 - To  succeed in a top quality historical reconstruction it requires a particular know-how to carry out the pattern : we want to reconcile the layouts made on the original patch with the nowadays morphologies and in the same time respect the rules and fashions of each era.

 - The cut being the essential basis, the same care has to be taken when assembling, sewing and hand-finishing so that the cloth suits perfectly and is made to measure.


Achievement and taste for a well done job


The choice of  raw materials

 A successful work is a patch that will accompany our customers or stay unscathed in the showroom of a museum for many years.

 That is why we are setting very high standards for the choice of raw materials :

- cloth and material, braids, sewing threads : thickness and solidity, quality of weaving and dyeing

- leather and felt for hats : appropriate thickness and surface aspect

- metallic pieces : thanks to the prints taken on the originals, we are sure of the quality of reproduction.


Value of the documentation

 - First step in a reconstruction is the knowledge of the know-how, the taste and the material of the reconstructed era.

- Therefore, in order to answer precisely to all demands, we consult every single source, i.e. the original patches exposed in the museums or belonging to private collections, paintings and engravings, publications of historians and military rules.


Accurate and meticulous work at every single step

 This work fully explains our delivery time (between 3 and 6 months), since it is sometimes difficult to receive the appropriate supplies and many suppliers are very much in demand to start a reconstruction.

Therefore, in order to meet the request of  national and foreign museums, of private persons, of reconstructors, our company went through a restructuring programme in 2007 with the arrival of new skills and the growth of our production in order to prepare the future.


Nota : To testify that our historical realizations match to originals, we can submit the patches to recognized experts. (The experts’ fees are not included in the price list).